Charter of uk.local.shropshire

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uk.local.shropshire is for the discussion of all topics including, but not limited to, those of a cultural, historical or social nature, relevant to the life and lifestyles of the people of Shropshire and those who have an interest in the county.

Contributions are welcome from people who: live, study, or work in; have an interest in the culture, history and attractions of; or plan to visit the county.

Posters to the group are expected to be considerate of other readers: personal abuse, flames, and posting of personal information without permission, are forbidden.


Advertising is forbidden, with these exceptions:
Suppliers of goods and services relevant to uk.local.shropshire may post, not more than once every 3 months, an invitation of four lines or fewer, to visit their web site or request details. The subject line should begin "ADVERT: ", except for vacancy adverts, where it should begin "JOB: ".
Participants in discussions may include a one-line reference to their Shropshire business in their sig.

Announcements of community events or other non-commercial information of direct relevance to the people of Shropshire may be posted once per occurrence of the event.

Binaries & Formatting

Encoded binaries (e.g. pictures, compressed files, etc.) are forbidden. Such material belongs on a web or ftp site to which a pointer may be posted. Cryptographic signatures (e.g. PGP) may be used where authentication is important and should be as short as possible.

Posts must be readable as plaintext. HTML, RTF and similarly formatted messages are prohibited. To see how to make your newsreader comply with this, read <http://www.usenet.org.uk/ukpost.html>.

Messages posted to this newsgroup must not be cross-posted to more than a TOTAL of four uk.local.* newsgroups; these may be geographically adjacent or overlapping, or connected by the subject of the post (e.g. "moving house from Watford to Telford").

Note that the advertising of widely-available goods or services is *not* relevant in this context, and that most uk.local.* groups have restrictions on advertising, or prohibit it. Cross-posted adverts, where allowed, must meet the requirements of the charters of *all* groups involved.


Anyone posting contrary to this charter may be reported to their "postmaster" and/or Service Provider.

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uk.local.shropshire	Topics relevant to Shropshire, England