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Subjects for discussion

UK society, law and practice as it affects fathers and their children. Examples could include: Items about the Child Support Agency, which is more concerned with finance and politics than children, are to be referred to the specific newsgroup uk.gov.agency.csa created for that purpose.

Crossposting is allowed to no more than 4 other groups with items that may be of direct relevance to those groups.


Not allowed, except by the convention of signatures not exceeding a maximum of 4 lines of 72 characters. Occasional genuine personal recommendations are acceptable, eg for solicitors known to be sympathetic and helpful.

Binaries and HTML

Not allowed. Messages should be in plain text, with simple pointers to coded or binary items elsewhere if applicable.


This group will not be moderated. It is important that there is an uncensored forum for the expression of strong feelings arising, for instance, from the denial of contact or justice to parents. Contributors are of course responsible for anything they post.

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uk.people.fathers	Social issues affecting fathers and their children