Charter of uk.rec.radio.cb

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uk.radio.cb is a group aimed at wide ranging discussion relating to the purchasing and use of all types of CB radio equipment, antennas and accessories in the UK.


Genuinely private advertising of CB related equipment is allowed but commercial advertising is not permitted, with the following exception:
Suppliers of relevant CB goods and services may post a brief pointer to their web sites or invitations to request information. These notices may not exceed four lines and may be posted no more often than once per month per advertiser. The subject line of such commercial notices must begin "AD:" or "ADVERT:"


The posting of binary files is not permitted but directions on where relevant binaries may be found are welcome. Postings must be in plain text and may not contain HTML. Binaries include executable code or images such as JPEG and GIF, whether in 8 bit or UUENCODED or in MIME. PGP signatures are permitted.

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uk.rec.radio.cb		General discussion of Citizens' Band Radio in the UK